Teacher Involvement

In KIDS preschool there are a variety of teacher profiles who are Turkish, bi-lingual (English & Turkish) and native English speakers with mostly early childhood education and psychology background. All the educators are specifically trained in High Scope program and they gain additional experience and skills through this training. Teachers are supervised on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to carry out their expertise at the highest level. As the founders of the school we share our expertise and knowledge through supervision sessions and in-service trainings.

As a requirement of the High Scope program, the teacher / child ratios are crucial to ensure the high quality in the implementation of the curriculum. In average our playgroup / toddler classes have 1 teacher to 5 children and in years 3+ this ratio is 1 teacher to 8 children. Additionally, there are supervision meetings every week to discuss each child’s development with the presence of the respective teacher, psychologist / school director. We ensure to discuss each child in detail to craft a specific learning journey customized based on the child’s needs. Bi-weekly give feedback is given to parents and during the year 3 parent teacher meetings are conducted and reports are shared.