Program Options

We provide multiple program options with a clear daily schedule for our children and we co-select with parents the most appropriate program for their child’s unique needs. Each class maintains the low child, teacher ratio where we have in average 1 teacher for 5 children in playgroups and  1 teacher for 8 children for years 3 and above.

KIDS follows a consistent daily routine. This structured routine not only supports children’s sense of trust but also aims to develop their social communication skills. All activities that are planned and implemented within our school, provide children with the opportunity to use their full potential in all areas of their fundamental development,( cognitive, physical, social, emotional) and allows children to notice and internalize their capabilities and skills to the fullest.

2 Years Group (Playgroup)

½ day playgroup program is held between (10.00 -13.00 or 14.30-17.00)

Our Playgroups have both English or Turkish class options

3 Years Group

Full day program (09.30 -16.30) or ½ day program (09.30-13.00 or 13.00-16.30) with both English, Turkish and ½ day English, ½ day Turkish options

4 Years Group

Full day program (09.30-16.30) program with English full day option or ½ day Turkish and ½ day English options

5 Years Group

Full day program (09.30-16.30) program with  ½ day Turkish and ½ day English or full day English option