Parent Involvement

We believe it is critical to keep close communication with parents as parents play a crucial role in enriching the development of their child. To ensure this:

  • We plan a special 1-1 session with the parent, teacher and the child before the school year starts to get to know the child and parent in more depth. This way we are able to understand, observe and asses the needs and capabilities of the children so that we can create a faster alignment with our educational program. Hence a customized journey for the child, based on his/her needs or preferences is carried out. This also creates a smooth bonding in the classroom environment between the teacher and the child.
  • We track each child’s development to maximize the performance of the child and all information about the child is shared with parents periodically in the parent teacher meetings.
  • We inform all parents (accessed through our website) through our monthly newsletter “Life at KIDS” (including details on monthly menu, upcoming trips or events in the school, highlights of the implemented monthly topics, songs etc.) and provide pictures and videos via our virtual gallery.
  • We involve parents to attend at least once a year to our preschool’s events like New Year Party, classroom activities, birthdays and seminars. (event held based on Covid-19 measures)

We invite parents to our classrooms to demonstrate their certain skills to their children in certain periods to support occupational introductions