Outdoor Learning

Kids Preschool building and garden allows teachers to lead a range of outdoor learning activities in a natural setting with socially distanced measures in place. Both of our outdoor gardens and closed play area in our school, are designed with their large play areas and modern play equipment to support children’s physical and motor development. While slides, swings, and climbing walls foster children’s gross motor skills, the sandpit allows children to play creative and active sand games. Garden time is perfectly suited for children’s need to play outdoors and allows for a time of relaxation and discharge of energy in fresh air.

We also spend time in cultivating fruits and vegetables at our outdoor space to encourage children to learn about where their food comes from. The children witness the change of seasons throughthis  fruit and vegetables garden, in which we plant and harvest during the year.

Children play in the garden every school day, except for rainy days.  We ask that parents dress their children according to the weather on a daily basis, have extra clothes for different types of weather kept at school to create a sense of positivity and excitement for outdoor play.