High Scope Approach & Assessment & Counselling

The High Scope educational program has been the back bone of our teaching methodology where active learning has been of primary focus. High Scope is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Active participation of children in choosing, organizing, and evaluating learning activities, which are undertaken with careful teacher observation and guidance in a learning environment with a rich variety of materials.
  • Regular daily planning by the teaching staff which is aligned with a developmentally based curriculum model and careful child observations.
  • Developmentally sequenced goals and materials for children based on the High/Scope “key experiences”.

In Kids Preschool, we have adapted the High Scope methodology to the cultural needs of our country. Not only the curriculum but the design of our classrooms and the assessments of children are also carried out according to this philosophy. For each children we are using a 35 dimensional specific assessment form to track development of language usage, simulation, classification, comparison/ counting, understanding environment and usage of time, physical development, taking responsibility and social relationships.

All teachers are trained on the High Scope methodology. This expertise ensures close observation and efficient tracking of each children, to progress at their own pace and support children's unique potential, individual and special needs in each dimension. Additionally KIDS has multiple psychologist/ counsellors to guide and support both teachers and parents in their developmental journey with their children.