Food & Health

We serve one nutritious lunch and two snacks on a daily basis and all meals are freshly prepared each day in our own kitchen (morning fruit, lunch, and afternoon snack). Children spend lunch time with their teachers. Lunch time provides children with the opportunity to learn healthy eating habits, try out new and different tastes, and master the rules for appropriate dining. Food is prepared in our own kitchen with the guidance of professionals to provide meals that support healthy eating. We provide a rich menu using seasonal products, serving home-made yogurt and not serving any sugar to our children. We have a fixed monthly menu and children with special diets, allergies or needs are discussed with parents in the beginning of the year. In the beginning of every month, parents are provided with a list for that month’s breakfast and lunch menu.  Food is included in the tuition fee.

Cleaning time, which is followed by snack and lunch time, aims to strengthen children’s hygiene and toilet habits, and supports self-care.