We embarked on a journey to establish KIDS Ideal Preschool in 1991 and we continue to strive for the best and believe that ‘Great beginnings are priceless’
The  High Scope curriculum is a developmentally appropriate approach that is child centered and promotes active learning. This methodology allows children to progress at their own pace and supports children's individual and special needs.

Kids Preschool building and garden allows teachers to lead a range of outdoor learning activities in a natural setting to support children’s physical and motor development.

Our curriculum is designed to develop children’s skills and potential to their maximum through different activities in our daily routine.
We provide multiple program options with a clear daily schedule for our children and we co-select with parents the most appropriate program for their child’s unique needs.
In KIDS preschool there are a variety of teacher profiles who are Turkish, bi-lingual (English & Turkish) and native English speakers with mostly early childhood education and psychology background.